“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.”

We stick by Einstein’s quote when guiding our customers through the ordering process. The easier it is for you the better it is for both of us. Follow the steps below to get the swag you’re thinking of.

1. Find a design you can’t live without, and either design it yourself or come to us with a concept

We have four full time graphic artists who can help bring your artwork to a whole new level, or you can design an epic design yourself. We prefer artwork that is vector. If artwork isn’t your thing bring an idea from an internet search, or even a sketched idea and we can bring your vision to life.

2. Call or message us from our contact page (https://creativeimprintsystems.com/contact)

We will get you in contact with a member of our sales staff to help you get your order started.

3. Talk to the salesperson and find the right item for you.

We have thousands of items to choose from and our salesperson can find the exact right item for you. We want you to get the most bang for your buck so we will help decide what’s right for you.

4. Figure out the number of items to order and place your order!

Need 1,000 or need 12? We can help you nail it down and figure out where the sweet spot is for your order.

5. Approve the order acknowledgment.

Your salesperson will send you an order acknowledgment that will have a description of the artwork, the item you are ordering, and the price on it. It is important to check the details closely to make sure it is all exactly what you want.

6. Approve artwork

You will receive an art proof with all the pizzazz you were looking for. Check it over to make sure everything is spelled correctly and all of the ink colors are exactly what you are thinking.*Remember all screens show colors slightly differently.

7. Get a call or email for pickup

Hooray! Jump for joy! Your order is complete and waiting for you to come pick it up!

8. Come pick it up or have it shipped to you!

It’s hot off of the press, come and get it! Pick up at any of our three locations or have it shipped to you. Woooo! Sound the alarms you finally have your order in your hands! We know you will love it!