Have a design idea that you need to get out of your brain and onto a shirt? We have an easy online design studio to make all your wildest dreams come true.

You have two choices when designing an item on our website. First, you can have your own artwork in vector format and you can upload it to our design studio. Second you can design a shirt using the clip art we provide.

Uploading your own Design

To upload your own design first go to our design studio at creativeimprintsystems.com/design and then choose upload image which is under the edit design section on the left. The supported file types that are able to be uploaded are .PDF, .EPS, .SVG, and .AI. If you try to upload a different type of file it will not work. There is also a 25MB maximum file size that is able to be uploaded. When you have your file uploaded the artwork will show on the item you have chosen. You can pick any color item in a rainbow of choices to see what your artwork will look like on any of them.

Designing Artwork from Scratch

To design your artwork from scratch on our site, first navigate to the design studio tab and then choose what product you want to design on. No worries if it is the wrong t-shirt you choose, this can be changed at any time in the designing process. From here you choose one of two things. First, is the add art tab which is in the edit design section. You can either look at the design ideas section, which has a diverse number of prefabricated designs that you can choose and then customize. Second, is the clip art section which is also in the add art tab. The clip art section has countless pieces of artwork you can pick from to put together and make your masterpiece. You can also choose to add text from the menu bar on the left hand side and find which font works best for you.

Save & Share or Place your Order

When you finally have the design exactly how you want it you have two options. Save & share which will either ask for your login or for you to create an account. This step is incredibly important in the process as this step is what saves your artwork for the future. If you’re working with a salesperson this is the step where you can share it with them so show them what you want on your shiny new product! The other step you can take when you’re finished is you can place an order right here and now. Choose checkout, choose what sizes you would like, and then finish going through the checkout process.

In the end you’ll end up with a new screen printed shirt that you can’t take your eyes off of like it’s a magical pot of gold under the rainbow.