Everyone likes to feel like they are a part of something big. Picture this: it’s your first day working for a new company, and you’re feeling a roller coaster of emotions.

You don’t quite know what to expect, and then your boss hands you a t shirt with their company logo on it, and in that instant you already feel right at home! It’s something about receiving a t shirt with your new company logo from your boss that makes you feel accepted right off the bat.

Increases brand loyalty

The more your customers see your employees wearing your company logo, the more they appreciate your company and will increase brand loyalty from consumers. People like to see a company’s employee dedication because it shows they are dependable, and customers like to see that in a company they are buying from, hence why they stick around!  It simply shows that your company is proud to represent the business and promote it to the public!

It brings your team together

It makes your staff feel more like they’re working together as a team rather than individually. Looking around and seeing everyone wearing the same logo as you makes you feel united and proud to be working where you are.You should want your staff members to feel like they are part of a family, and when everyone is wearing your company logo, it should make you feel good too!

Appreciation gift

There’s nothing like showing your team how much you value their dedication! Rewarding them with company merch from time to time will not just keep them around, they will feel needed and important. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a t shirt, you can try something different like a hoodie or jacket, which would make your employees feel even better that they are receiving something they wouldn’t normally get.

Casual Fridays

If your company has a business casual dress code where you feel it is appropriate to always look professional, there is nothing wrong with a casual day that will still represent your company in a positive way, by having everyone wear their custom t shirts with your company logo. It’s fun to have a day at the office where everyone can wear a t shirt and still look professional!