Cabin fever might be a bit of an understatement if you are among the people that have been working from home since last March. With that being said, it might be time for a little vacation this summer! With things starting to open back up and some traveling restrictions (hopefully) lifting pretty soon, it will be nice to get out of the house either by ourselves our with friends and family.

We came up with a list of things to pack for your next road trip so that you didn’t have to! (Also in case you just forgot how to pack in general).


First things first… headphones. These are crucial if you aren’t the one behind the wheel! You don’t always like the music the driver chooses to play, or maybe you want to listen to  an eBook or podcast, either way you need headphones! This specific style is collapsible for easy storage space, which is perfect for traveling light.





 Sleep Mask

If you aren’t the one driving, a sleep mask will help block out the sun so you can get some rest to make the drive go by a little quicker. This one is also essential if you are someone that typically gets car sick when spending a long amount of time in a vehicle. Placing one of these over your eyes and tuning everything else out will make the time go by fast and help ease your nausea.





Portable Charger

We can all agree that this day in age, we don’t go ANYWHERE without our phones. This includes road trips. What happens if you get a flat tire and your phone is dead? That is what a portable charger is for – to make sure that never happens! Even if you plan your road trip to be free of all technology, you will still need your phone to remained fully charged in case of an emergency.




Travel Cooler

If you’re on the road all day, snacks are very much necessary. You have to eat at some point, and travel coolers are perfect for keeping your snacks fresh for a long period of time. Even if you are only planning on being in the car for a couple of hours, you should always pack food just in case!







If you are interested in getting these items decorated with your custom logo, contact us today!