It’s that time of year again! Summer is the season for company picnics, charity runs, sport tournaments, the list goes on and on. If you are in charge of planning any outdoor event, we have the products that fit all of your summertime needs! People aren’t always aware that we offer a variety of different products, so here is a list of a few of the many we have to offer.

If you’re planning a golf outing or tournament, we offer customized golf towels! Golf lovers know that towels can be extremely important when you’re out playing on a hot summer day and need to wipe off your clubs. Beach towels are also a great promotional product for your business to hand out during trade shows or any events you plan on attending with your company or business to get your name out there.

Another summertime essential is a cooler! Everyone wants to keep their drink cold on a hot summer day, and coolers are crucial when attending outdoor sporting events. There’s nothing better than going to a local event and seeing a family using a cooler with your company’s logo on it! A cooler is a great promotional product for businesses to get their name out into the public eye where people can remember exactly where they were and what the logo was on when they saw it.

Are you planning a charity run? If so, a summertime promotional product we offer that might be an obvious one, but is always an essential no matter the season is water bottles. These are perfect for a charity run or walk, and you can hand them out to participants with your company or organization’s logo. Water bottles are something people keep forever because they are almost always useful! Other popular items to order when hosting a charity walk or run are customized sweatbands and hats. Sweatbands are very convenient when long distance running or walking to keep on your wrist, and hats are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes on a humid day!

Order your summertime essentials today by contacting us to set up an appointment with a sales representative to help you pick the product that will work best for your event!