We’re sure you’re already familiar with the typical promotional products handed out to you at events: water bottles, key chains, magnets, pens, pretty much anything you can fit a company logo on, you’ve seen it!

You may have been given these items and simply thrown them away or put them in a drawer you know you will never open again. With that being said, if your company or business is looking for a different promotional product that your customers will actually use, keep reading for some ideas!

Fly swatter

One of our previous monthly specials was a fly swatter, and while you might think you would never need one, think again! Sitting outside (or even in the office) bugs always seem to make their way where they aren’t wanted, and when they do you’ll think “I really wish I had a fly swatter right about now.” This is a great promotional product during the summer months when people are in need of something to keep bugs away. Handing out a fly swatter at any sort of function with¬† your company logo on it will immediately have the consumer thinking “wow I could really out this to good use at home!”


Jar opener grip 

You might think this promotional item is unnecessary if you’re extremely good at opening jars on the first try, but not everyone can have hulk strength! A jar opener grip is something you can always use at some point. It can be kept in your kitchen drawer or always in a to go bag for school or work, just in case! This can even become a good habit for some people, immediately grabbing their jar gripper when they have to open something new because it works every single time! This isn’t just a typical promotional item you would get, this is fun and unique! It will definitely get people talking about the company whose logo is placed on it, especially if you are creative with the shape and design of the gripper.

Car ice scraper

Lets face it, whether we like it or not… we will always need an ice scraper as long as we are living in Pennsylvania. No matter what size, a car scraper is very necessary during the winter. When a snow storm breaks out overnight and you’re about to run late for work, you need an ice scraper to get the ice and snow off of your car. People are always keeping one of these in their car, and will continue to use the same one for years until it finally gives out.

Ice pack

Who doesn’t need an ice pack that will always be kept in their freezer? People need them for numerous things: Packing your lunch today? Ice pack. Too hot from doing yard work? Ice pack. Run into a door this morning? You guessed it… ice pack! It seems like a simple promotional product, but this is another essential for your everyday life that you might not even think you need until it’s handed to you. How many times have you grabbed frozen peas from your freezer when you need to ice something? I would say an actual ice pack is much more convenient than frozen food.

Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is one of those things you probably need but never thought about purchasing yourself. Whether you’re in the office or on your home computer, you need something to move your mouse around on. Getting your company logo customized on a mouse pad is very eye catching and useful for consumers. They will see your brand every time they go to sit down at their computer, and it is an item they will always use/need.

There’s a lot more where that came from! If your company or organization is interested in unique and useful promotional products, contact one of our sales reps today!