If you follow us on social media, you may have seen our t-shirt design contest that allowed customers to be creative and design their very own t-shirts using our design studio. We ran the contest for about two weeks, and then posted the designs on all of our social media platforms for our followers to vote on which design was the most creative!

How does this contest get your brand more exposure you ask? Well, keep reading!

These t-shirt contests allow anyone to submit a design.. yes, anyone. Whether you are a start-up business looking to get your name out to your audience, or a girl scout troop leader looking to get swag shirts to wear while selling cookies – a chance to win free t-shirts with a simple submission of a design is a great opportunity. You may think that you will only get exposure if you win, but that is not entirely true!

The power of social media

Once there are submissions, you post all of the designs on social media for your followers to vote. With the amount of shares and comments made, your design will have reached a larger audience than if you just posted on your own social platform. Contests give your brand the ability to reach different audiences you may have never thought to be your primary or even secondary target. While people starting their own business may be focusing on one particular audience, they may have never considered the demographic and psycho graphics of another, until they have gotten the exposure they didn’t know they necessarily needed.

Although we have already chosen a winner from the last contest, it doesn’t mean we won’t have one again sometime soon. We love that our customers have the ability to create using our online design store with the incentive of possibly winning t-shirts with their design. Our goal is to show customers how easy it is to use the design studio, and after participating in the contest they can continue to use and submit designs to purchase!

Encouraging our customers to participate in our contests is not just for our own company to get acknowledgment, it is for everyone in our community to engage together on multiple platforms and get the recognition their brand deserves, whether it’s personal or a business.