If you’re from northwestern Pennsylvania, you know what a great fundraiser (and celebration) a stag and drag party can be. Picking the right shirt for your stag and drag is an important way that you and your bridal party can stand out from the crowd. Let’s say you’re looking for something bright and attention-getting. You can go for a fluorescent tee. If you’re going for a more subtle look – but still want to match with your friends – we can help.

Picking out the Right T-Shirt

Think about when you’re looking for something to wear. Do you choose a shirt that is cut a little bit bigger, or do you go for a fitted, softer tee? So the question for you is, do you want to choose a shirt that is more comfortable to wear or a shirt that isn’t quite as soft but can be more price conscious.

For stag n drags, you can have a fluorescent “you can’t miss me” color like this 50/50 shirt, or  a shirt with a softer feel like this Next Level tee. An even more creative way to go would be a baseball raglan tee. If you can dream it up, we can do it.

Choosing the Right Design

Designs are always a crucial part of a stag shirt, and coming up with the right one is always important. Do you have a theme you want to follow? If you have an idea for the entire design, or one part of a design, we can put it together for you and make it work. Below are a few examples of designs we’ve done for stag and drag shirts.

  stag shirt tie one on   stag and drag ball and chain   flower stag and drag shirt   stag and drag cows

Setting the tone for your stag and drag is important to you and important to us. We will help make your day a can’t miss with matching shirts.