If you’re looking for something new to spruce up your office, screen printing is your answer. Many companies have their employees wearing customized apparel so they look like a team rather than just a typical business casual office. Screen printing is one of the most popular methods for printing t-shirts, and these are a few reasons why you should choose it over just plain retail shopping:


With screen printing, we give you countless options of garments to choose from that will best fit your needs and interests. If you wish to have your logo on a number of items, we will have you meet with a salesperson and present all different types of styles and colors. That’s the greatest advantage of screen printing, the options are endless!


It gives you and your team the opportunity to be creative. Say you wanted a different design than just your company logo on your garments, creating something you or your whole team envisioned gives you the opportunity to bring it to life when you present your ideas to a salesperson.

Good for large orders

If you plan on ordering in bulk so you are stacked up for a while, screen printing garments are the way to go. There is a lot of prep that goes into the screen printing process, so we generally prefer that they are larger orders. It’s also good to have different sizes around in case new employees are hired and wish to choose their specific size.


Screen printing can be done on almost any surface that is flat, plastic, wood and even metal!

Long lasting

When you get a garment screen printed, it tends to last long due to the thickness of the ink, therefore when you order in bulk and save them for a while they will remain in tact.

For more questions regarding the screen printing process, call us today at 814-835-1000 and ask to speak with a salesperson.