Do you know of ANYONE that wouldn’t want to gain a higher reach of audiences for a relatively low cost? Nope… Neither do we!

Pens are an everyday essential. Have you ever turned down a free pen that was handed to you? No, because it can always be useful one day or the next. Even if you were to never touch the pen again, it is still holds a prominent place where you always know it is going to be, just in case.

Pens are a staple household, office, school and work item. It is the one thing you might not be able to live without if you spend your days at one of the four things listed. It’s something everyone needs, and that is why it will continue to be one of the best promotional items in the industry. Choosing pens as a promotional item can widen your reach of potential customers in many ways.


Say you get pens made with your company logo and you plan on giving them away at trade shows, events, etc. The perk of having your own pens with your company logo is that you can actually leave pens different places around town. Maybe you’re signing a check at a restaurant, leave the pen on the table when you’re done. Not only will your waiter be thankful for more pens, but you are also promoting your brand to all of the customers that are eating at the restaurant! There’s nothing better than a promotional item that provides long lasting exposure.


When customers come into your business, you want them to see your employees using your pens. It shows that the pens are used in a professional setting and people will take your business seriously when they see the employees dedication. It shows your employees are passionate about the company and always representing their workplace!


According to Advertising Specialty Institute, the average number of impressions is 3,000 generated throughout a persons lifetime. If that doesn’t make a decision for ya already then I don’t know what will! ASI did a study that proved 89% of customers own promotional writing utensils of some sort. Wouldn’t you want your logo to be seen all over the place?!

If you were on the fence about it before, but now fully convinced that pens are one of the best promotional items for companies and organizations after reading this post, contact one of our sales reps to get your pens ordered today!